Phoenix Library

Our Rudolf Steiner Branch library, which is known as the Phoenix Library, has well over 500 books, magazines, articles, and DVD’s. It is housed at the home of Judy Frey. Donations to the library are always welcome. The library was named Phoenix Library because its first “incarnation” was at the home of Roger Schultz back in the 1990’s. A fire destroyed the entire collection. Thanks to donations of members and several bequests from deceased members, the library has risen from the ashes and is bigger and better than before.


Borrowing Books from the Phoenix Library

1. You must be a member of the Rudolf Steiner Branch (NC) community in order to borrow books from the Phoenix library. You can join on our website or contact our Board VP, Will Hicks, for more information about our community. email: [email protected] or call 919-407-0205.

2. The best way to borrow books is to visit the library directly. Call Judy in advance to make an appointment at 919-928-8749 or email her at: [email protected]

3. You can also order books by phone or email, and Judy will mail them to you if you send the postage. Check with Judy for the rate. Judy’s address is: Judy Frey, 55207 Broughton, Chapel Hill, NC 27517.

4. You are responsible for returning the books in a timely fashion. Currently books may be borrowed for two months.

In addition to the books in the list below, the Phoenix Library has hundreds of booklets, individual lectures in folders, DVD’s (such as the Parzival lectures by Ed Stoner). There are also many volumes in German. These items have not been cataloged yet, but our librarian, Judy Frey may be able to aid you in a search.


Phoenix Library Catalog of Books

Books Containing Lecture Cycles by Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophical Ethics
Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts (2)
Anthroposophy in Everyday Life (2)
Anthroposophy (A Fragment)
Anthroposophy, an Introduction
Apocalypse of St. John (3)
Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha
Archangel Michael (3)
Art of Lecturing
Art as Seen in the Light of Mystery Wisdom
Aspects of Human Evolution (3)
At the Gates of Spiritual Science
At Home in the Universe
Atlantis and Lemuria
Awakening to Community
Background to the Gospel of St. Mark (2)
Bees (2)
Being of Man and His Future Evolution (2)
Between Death and Rebirth
Bhagavad Gita and the West
Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priests
Boundaries of Natural Science (4)
Building Stones for an Understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha (3)
Calendar of the Soul, Illustrated
Case for Anthroposophy
Challenge of the Times (2)
Chance, Providence and Necessity (2)
Christ and the Spiritual World and the Search for the Holy Grail
Christian Mystery
Christianity as Mystical Fact or Christianity and the Occult Mysteries (5)
Christmas Conference (2)
Color (4)
Constitution of the School of Spiritual Science (2)
Cosmic Memory (3)
Cosmic New Year
Cosmosophy Vol 1
Cosmosophy Vol 2
Course of My Life
Creative Speech
Cycle of the Year (2)
Deeper Insights in Education
Deeper Secrets of Human History in the Light of the Gospel of St. Matthew
Destinies of Individuals and of Nations
Driving Force of Spiritual Powers in World History
Earthly Death and Cosmic Life
Earthly Knowledge and Heavenly Wisdom
East in the Light of the West
Easter Festival in the Evolution of the Mysteries
Education for Adolescents
Education as a Social Problem
Education for Special Needs
Effects of Esoteric Development (3)
Egyptian Myths and Mysteries (3)
End of the Millennium and Beyond
Esoteric Christianity and the Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz (2)
Esoteric Cosmology
Esoteric Development
Esoteric Lessons
Essentials of Education
Eurhythmy as Visible Song
Eurhythmy as Visible Speech
Evolution of Consciousness
Evolution of the Earth and Man and the Influence of the Stars
Extending Practical Medicine (2)
Fall of the Spirits of Darkness (2)
Festivals and Their Meaning (2)
Fifth Gospel (3)
First Steps in Inner Development
Four Mystery Dramas (3)
Four Seasons and the Archangels (3)
Four Temperaments
Freemasonry and Ritual Work
From Beetroot to Buddhism
From Buddha to Christ
From Crystals to Crocodiles
From Jesus to Christ (2)
From Thinking to Living
Fruits of Anthroposophy (2)
Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine
Fundamentals of Therapy (2)
Geographic Medicine/The Secret of the Double
The Goddess
Goethean Science
Goethe’s Standard of the Soul
Goethe’s World View
Gospel of St. John (6)
Gospel of St. John and Its Relation to the Other Gospels (5)
Gospel of St. Luke (4)
Gospel of St. Mark (5)
Gospel of St. Matthew (3)
Guardian Angels
Guidance in Esoteric Training (2)
Health and Illness Vol 1 and Vol 2(2)
How Can Mankind Find the Christ? (4)
Human Soul in Relation to World Evolution
Incarnation of Ahriman
Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man (2)
Influences of Lucifer and Ahriman
Initiate Consciousness
Initiation, Eternity and the Passing Moment (2)
Inner Impulses of Evolution, Mexican Mysteries, Knights Templar
Inner Nature of Man (2)
Isis and Mary Sophia
Karma of Materialism
Karma of Untruthfulness Vol. 1 (3)
Karma of Untruthfulness Vol. 2
Karma of Vocation
Karmic Relationships Vol I (3)
Karmic Relationships Vol II (2)
Karmic Relationships Vol III (3)
Karmic Relationships Vol IV (3)
Karmic Relationships Vol V (3)
Karmic Relationships Vol VI (3)
Karmic Relationships Vol VII (2)
Karmic Relationships Vol VIII (3)
Knights Templar
Knowledge of Higher Worlds (6)
Learning to See into the Spiritual World
Life Between Death and Rebirth
Life, Nature and Cultivation of Anthroposophy (3)
Love and Its Meaning in the World (2)
Lucifer and Ahriman
Man as a Being of Sense Perception (2)
Man in the Light of Occultism, Theosophy and Philosophy
Man in the Past, Present and Future and The Sun Initiation of the Druid Priest
Man as Symphony of the Creative Word (2)
Man and the World of the Stars (2)
Man’s Being, His Destiny and World Evolution
Manifestation of Karma (2)
Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy (3)
Meaning of Life (2)
Metamorphoses of the Soul Vol 1 (3)
Metamorphoses of the Soul Vol 2 (2)
Michael Mystery
Michaelmas and the Soul Forces of Man (3)
Mission of the Archangel Michael
Mystery Dramas (2)
Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age
Nature Spirits (2)
Necessity and Freedom
New Spirituality and the Christ Experience of the Twentieth Century
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Nutrition and Stimulants (3)
Occult History
Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century (2)
Occult Reading, Occult Hearing
Occult Signs and Symbols
Origins of Natural Science (2)
Outline of Occult Science (6)
Pastoral Medicine
Planetary Spheres and Their Influences on Man’s Life on Earth
Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion
Philosophy of Freedom (6)
Philosophy of Freedom Rudolf Steiner On His Book (2)
Portal of Initiation (2)
Presence of the Dead (4)
Principle of Spiritual Economy (2)
Psychoanalysis and Spiritual Psychology
Reading Pictures of the Apocalypse
Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric
Redemption of Thinking (4)
Reincarnation and Immortality
Reincarnation and Karma (2)
Riddle of Man
Road to Self Knowledge and the Threshold of the Spiritual World (3)
Rosicrucianism and Modern Initiation (2)
School of Spiritual Science
Search for the New Isis
Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double (2)
Secret Stream
Secrets of the Threshold (3)
Social Future (2)
Social Issues
Souls’ Awakening (2)
Speech and Drama
Spengler, Oswald
Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature (2)
Spiritual Foundations of Morality (2)
Spiritual Guidance of Man and Humanity (5)
Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World (4)
Spiritual Research, Methods and Results
Spiritual Science as a Foundation of Social Forms (2)
Spiritual Science and Medicine
Staying Connected
Steiner Speaks to the British
Study of Man
Supersensible Knowledge (3)
Temple Legend (3)
Tension Between East and West
Theosophy (7)
Therapeutic Insights, Earthly and Cosmic Laws
Three Streams in Human Evolution (2)
Threefold Social Order
Toward Imagination
Toward Social Renewal
True and False Paths (2)
True Nature of the Second Coming
Truth and Knowledge (2)
Truth Wrought Words
Understanding of the Human Being
Universal Human
Western Approach to Reincarnation and Karma
What Can the Art of Healing Learn Through Spiritual Science? (2)
What Is Waldorf Education?
Wonders of the World (3)
World Economy
World History and the Mysteries in the Light of Anthroposophy (2)
World of the Senses and the World of the Sprit (3)
Writings and Lectures
Up-Rising and Dying
Younger Generation (2)

Books by Other Authors

Aids, by Arie Bos
Alchemy & Mysticism by Alexander Roob
Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine Vol. 1 (2) by Husemann, Wolff
Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine Vol. 2 by Hussemann,
Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine Vol. 3 by Hussemann,
Anthroposophical Medicine by Bott,Victor, M. D (2)
Anthroposophical Medicine
by Evans, Michael
Anthroposophical Understanding of the Soul by van Emmichoven, F. W.
Archangel Michael by Lois Schroff
Art and Human Consciousness by Richter, Gottfried
Astral Body by Powell, A. E.
Battle for the Etheric Realm, by Thomas, Nick (2)
Battle for a New Consciousness, by Poppelbaum, Hermann
Battle for the Soul, by Lievegoed, Bernard (2)
Becoming Aware of the Logos, by Kuhlewind, Georg
Behind the Veil, by Curtis, Elyse
Behold, I Make All Things New, by Querido, Rene (3)
Biblical Rhythms in Biography, by Lauenstein, Dieter
Birth of a New Agriculture, by von Keyserlingk, Adalbert
Bridge Over the River (4)
Burning Bush, by Smith, Edward Reaugh Smith
Calendar of the Soul, by Konig, Karl
Chartres, by Querido, Rene (2)
Children’s Destinies, by Holtzapfel, M. D
Children with Special Needs, by Luxford, Michael
Christ and Antichrist, by Tradowsky, Peter
Christianity and Reincarnation, by Frieling, Rudolf (2)
Christmas Plays from Oberufer, by Hardwood, A. C.
Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreuz, by Valentine, Jon (2)
Complete Healing, by Evans, Michael, M.D.
Consciousness of the Atom, by Bailey, Alice
Coping with Karma, by van Dam, Joop
Cosmic Christianity, by Sucher, Willi (2)
Count of Saint-Germain, by Cooper-Oakley, Isabel
Crossing the Threshold by Wijnberg, Nicholas
Darkness, Visible, by Styron, William
Disciple Whom Jesus Loved, by Smith, Edward Reaugh
Dream Song of Olaf Asteson
Dynamics of Nutrition, by Schmidt, Gerhard
Earliest Days of Anthroposophy in America, by Deighton, Hilda
Early Childhood, by Glas, Norbert
Easter, by Friedrich Benesch
Education, (of Rudolf Steiner), by Edmunds, Francis (3)
Education in Search of the Spirit, by Gardner, John Fentress
Elementary Theosophy, by Rogers, L. W.
Elements of Style, by Strunk, William, Jr.
Emerson’s Science of the Spirit, by Kirchoff, Bruce
Esoteric Emerson, by Geldard, Richard
Encounters with Angels, by Lindholm, Dan
Enigma of Evil, by Schutze Alfred
‘Ere the Century Closes, by Tradowsky Peter
Ephesians, by Kuntz Marilyn
Essential Steiner, by McDermott, Robert A.
Etheric Double, by Powell, A.E.(2)
Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man, by Wachsmuth, Guenther
Eye of the Needle, by Lievegoed Bernard (3)
Facing the World with Soul, by Sardello, Robert
Faust (part one), by Goethe (2)
Faust (part two), by Goethe
Festival Images for Today, by Pietzner, Carlo
From Thinking to Living, by Edmunds, Francis
Foundation Stone, by Zeylmans Van Emmichoven (2)
Four Ethers, by Marti, Ernst
Four Men of God, by Kunz, Marilyn
Fulfillment of Old Age, by Glas, Norbert
Future is Now, by *various*
Genesis: Creation and the Patriarchs, by Bock, Emil
Goethe’s Theory of Color, by Schindler, Maria
Goetheanum and Its Surroundings, by Ruedi, Hans
Grail Tradition, by Matthew’s, John
Healing and Regeneration through Color, by Heline Corinne
Healings in the Gospels, by Heidenreich Alfred
History of the School of Spiritual Science, by Kiersch Johannes
Holistic Medicine (Rudolf Steiner and), by King, Francis (3)
How to Transform Thinking, Feeling and Willing, by Smit, Jorgen
Human Encounters and Karma, by Floride, Athys
Human Life, by O’Neil-George
Human Soul, by Konig, Karl
Imagination of Pentecost, by Leviton, Richard
Imp on Either Shoulder, by Childs, Gilbert
Incredible Births of Jesus, by Smith, Edward (2)
Inner Path, by Konig, Karl
Into the Heart’s Land, by Barnes Henry
Judaism and Anthroposophy, edited by Paddock Fred (2)
Kaspar Hauser, by Tradowsky, Peter (2)
Kaspar Hauser speaks for Himself, by Hauser Kaspar
K(C)aspar Hauser: The Enigma of a Century, by Wassermann, Jacob
Letters to Friends, by Jocelyn, Beredene
Life before Birth…, by Chu, Paul
Life for the Spirit, by Barnes, Henry
Life Patterns, by Schottelndreier, Jerry
Life’s Resources, by Pfeiffer, E.
Light for the New Millennium, edited by Meyer, T.H.
Little Flowers of Saint Francis, by Okey, Thomas
Living Architecture, by Bayes, Kenneth
Living Being “Anthroposophia”, by Grosse, Rudolf
Living a Spiritual Year, by Anderson, Adrian
Living with your Body, by Buhler, Walther
Loneliness, by Bittleston, Adam
Lost Prince, by Masson, Jeffrey
Man as a Social Being, by Konig, Karl
Man or Matter, by Lehrs, Ernst
Man on the Threshold, by Lievegoed, Bernard (2)
Man and World in the Light of Anthroposophy, by Easton, Stewart (2)
Medicine and Mysteries, by Holtzapfel, Walter (2)
Meditation, by Rittelmeyer, Friedrich (2)
Mephistopheles’ Anvil, by Alexandra, John
Michael and the two-horned Beast, by Nesfield_Cookson, Bernard
Michael’s Struggle with the Dragon, by Querido, Rene
Millennial Child, by Schwartz, Eugene
Moon and Plant Growth, by Kolisko, L.
More Precious than Light, by van den Brink, Margreet
Mystery of Growing up, by Capel, Evelyn Francis
Mysteries of the Holy Grail, by Heline, Corine
Mysteries of the Holy Grail, by Querido, Rene
Mystery of Physical Life, by Watson, E.L.
Nature Spirits, by von Holstien, Verena
New Mysteries and the Wisdom of Christ, Sease, Virginia
Opening Roads to a New World, by Caminos, Abrir
Origin and Development of Language, by Wilkinson, Roy
Study Companion to An Outline of Occult Science, by Almon, Clopper
Parzival, An Introduction, by Hutchins, Eileen
Paths of Christian Mysteries, by Sease, Virginia (2)
Patterns of Health, by Westlake, Aubrey
Peace of the Soul, by Sheen, Fulton
Pfeiffer Garden Handbook, Heckel, Alice
Phases, by Lievegoed, Bernard
Power of Rays, by Ouseley, S.G.J
Principles of Spiritual Science, by Unger, Carl (3)
Prokofieff, S.O., Myth and Reality, by Gordienko, Irina
Recovery of Man in Childhood, by Harwood, A.C.
Rediscovery of Color, by Proskauer, Heinrich
Reincarnation, by Wachsmith, Guenther
Reincarnation in Christianity, by MagGregor, Geddes
Reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner, by Voloschin, Margarita
Renewing Education, by Edmunds Francis
Return from Tomorrow, by Ritchie, George
Rhythms in Human Beings an the Cosmos, by Meyer, Rudolf
Road to the Spirit, by Coroze, Paul
Rosicrucian Enlightenment, by White, Ralph
Rosslyn Treasury, by Snow, P.
Saving the Appearances, by Barfield, Owen
Secrets of Metals, by Pelikan, Wilhelm
Secrets of the Stations of the Cross, by von Halle, Judith
Seeking Spirit Vision, by Klocek, Dennis
Seven Planets, by Bittleston, Adam
Seven Sacraments in the Christian Community, by Capel, Francis Evelyn
Shards from the Heart, by Garber, Bernard
Social World as Mystery Center, by Salman, Harry (3)
Soloviev, by Allen, Paul
Sophia Mystery in out time, by Betli, Mario
Speaking, Listening, Understanding, by Zimmermann, Heinz
Spiritual Companions, by Bittleston, Adam
Spiritual Knowledge, by Merry Eleanor
Sphinx to Christ, by Schure, Edouard
Stages of Consciousness, by Kuhlewind, Georg
Steiner, Marie
Steinerbooks Dictionary
Story of the Grail, by Linker, Robert
Storytelling with Children, by Mellon, Nancy
Sun Space, by Whicher, Olive
Teachings of an Initiate, by Heindel, Max
Theory of Colours, by Goethe
Though you Die, by Drake, Stanley
Thought Forms, by Bessant, Annie
Time is at Hand, by Allen, Paul (2)
Toward the 21st Century, Lievegoed, Bernard
Toward a Phenomenology of the Etheric World, by Bockemuhl, J. (2)
Transformation of Evil, by von Gleich, Sigismund
Transparent Realities, by Manen, Hans
Transcendental Universe, by Harrison, C.
Tree of Life and the Holy Grail, by Francke, Sylvia
Ultimate Communion of Mankind, by Swassjan, Karen
Veiled Pulse of Time, by Bryant, William
Vision of Love (Rudolf Steiner’s), by Nesfield-Cookson Bernard (2)
Vital Body, by Heindel, Max
Vril:The Power of the Coming Race, by Edward, Bulwer-Lytton
War, Progress and the End of History, by Solovyov, V,
Way of a Child, by Harwood, A,C.
When Death Enters Life, by Baum, John
Where are You?, by Schilling, Karin
Who was Ita Wegman?, Vol. 1, by van Emmichoven, J.
Who was Kaspar Hauser?, by Pietzner, Carlo
Willehalm, by von Eschenbach, Wolfram
Wisdom of Fairy Tales, by Meyer, Rudolf
Woodcuts, by Durer, Albrecht
Working Together on Steiner’s Mystery Dramas, by Pusch, Hans (2)
Zanoni, by Bulwer-Lytton, Edward

Rudolf Steiner Biographies

Rudolf Steiner, by Hemleben, Johannes
Rudolf Steiner: Herald of a New Epoch, by Easton Stewart (2)
Rudolf Steiner: his Life and Work, by Childs, Gilbert
Rudolf Steiner and Initiation, by Schiller, Paul Eugen
Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction to his Spiritual World View, Anthroposophy, by, Wilkinson Roy
Rudolf Steiner: Life, Work, Inner Path and Social Initiatives, by Lissau, Rudi
Rudolf Steiner, Scientist of the Invisible, by A.P. Shepherd (2)
Rudolf Steiner 1861-1925, by Carlgren, Frans
Life and Work of Rudolf Steiner, by Wachsmith, Guenther
Who was Rudolf Steiner? by Freeman, Arnold
Memories of Rudolf Steiner, by Polzer-Hoditz, Ludwig
Time of Decision with Rudolf Steiner, by Hiebel, Friedrich
Rudolf Steiner’s Mission and Ita Wegman, by Kirchner-Bockholt, M
A Man Before Others, Rudolf Steiner Remembered, by various

Books by Sergei O. Prokofieff

The Case of Valentin Tomberg (2)
The Cycle of the Seasons
Eternal Individuality: Toward a Karmic Biography of Novalis
Foundation Stone Meditation
Heavenly Sophia and the Being Anthroposophia
Mystery of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist at the Turning Point of Time
Mystery of the Resurrection
Occult Significance of Forgiveness (2)
Prophecy of the Russian Epic
Rudolf Steiner’s Research into Karma
Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail
Twelve Holy Nights and the Spiritual Hierarchies (2)
Valentin Tomberg and Anthroposophy