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To unsubscribe from this List

  1. Go to the RSB-NC List homepage by clicking this link
  2. Sign in to the List by clicking on the blue “Sign In” button. Select the RSB-NC List group.
  3. At the bottom of the menu (usually on the left), click on the option My membership settings.
  4. Click on the button at the top, next to RSB-NC List “Leave group”.
  5. If you have any problems with this, simply email the List ([email protected]) and request to be removed from the List.

To get a password reminder from this List

  1. Go to the RSB-NC List homepage by clicking this link
  2. Sign in to the List by clicking on the blue “Sign In” button.
  3. When you come to enter your password, click on “Forgot password?”

Guidelines for using the RSB-NC List

The primary purpose of the Google Group is to inform our members and friends about anthroposophical events in our community, including: study groups, artistic, cultural, spiritual events or other news that is relevant or of interest to Anthroposophists.

Because it is a community service, it is fine for members to also post important announcements that pertain to their own lives or other anthroposophists, e.g. to announce a death, birth, move, severe illness or upcoming surgery.

Information about other Anthroposophical communities, endeavors or events may also be shared. Things such as: fundraisers for anthroposophic work, request for ride shares, invitations to start a new group etc are all permissible.

Advertisement of services or goods that are not related in some way to the field of anthroposophy, is discouraged, however requests for recommendations are allowed. Please respond privately to such a query and not to the entire List.

Please do not use CAPITALS in your posts (except as required) as it is experienced as shouting.

We are all bombarded with way too much spam, YouTube videos etc., so please don’t forward jokes, chain letters, photos of kittens, petitions for signatures, pyramid schemes or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Please do not use the List for political agendas or any other potentially inflammatory content.

Be careful not to directly or indirectly challenge or attack anyone for their ideas, beliefs or actions – or your suspicion of such things. Do not indulge in derogatory comments, insinuations, sarcasm or remarks that could be construed to be damaging or offensive to any other person.

The List is not a platform for public discussions. If a number of people wish to discuss something, please email just these people, make arrangements to meet privately or communicate using a different Google Group.

Subscribers in violation of these guidelines will be given a warning from the RSB-NC Board advising them of their misuse of the List. If the subscriber persists in continued misuse of the List after specific warning, the subscriber will be removed from the List.

Whatever you publish on the List is available for the world to see. How we communicate with one another reflects not just on ourselves but also on Anthroposophy. Good manners and good judgment need to be practiced at all times.

We never share our List subscriber information with any other organization.

Thank you – The RSB_NC Board.