Organizational structure of the Rudolf Steiner Branch – NC

Current Board Members:

Robert Mays
, Judy Frey
, Robin Haynes, 
Ron Evans
, Kathleen Wright
, Kelly Calegar, Diana Haynes


  • President – Robert Mays
  • Vice President –
  • Treasurer – Kelly Calegar
  • Recording Secretary – Diana Haynes
  • Correspondence Secretary – Judy Frey

Active Committees:

  • Bylaws – review and make recommendations for improvements – Robert, Ron and Robin
  • PR and Outreach – Kathleen and Diana
  • Events & Event Coordinator – Diana
  • Website – Robin and Kathleen
  • Listserv(s) – Robin and Kelly
  • Library – Judy and Kathleen
  • Membership – Kathleen, Robin and Ron
  • Heart Fund – Diana
  • Cultural Group/Festivals – Judy, Diana

Board Member Profile

Robert Mays

I aRobert Maysm a member of the Anthroposophical Society in America, the School for Spiritual Science (First Class) and the local Branch. I was a founding member of the Branch in 1985, helped with the incorporation and was a signatory to the incorporation of the Branch in 1996. I have been an active member of the Branch since its inception including attending study groups, festivals, conferences, branch meetings, performing in plays, etc.

I have 47 years experience serving on Boards of 5 non-profit organizations: religious, spiritual, educational and scientific. I served on the Boards of two Waldorf schools, as President or Treasurer. In particular I was a founder and served as Treasurer and President of WEANC (EWS) for 21 years. I have served as the Treasurer of the International Association for Near-Death Studies for the past 6 years.

Judy Frey

My destiny led me at an early age to study karma and reincarnation through the published Edgar Cayce readings.  I completed the master’s degree program in Transpersonal Studies at Atlantic University, associated with the Association of Research and Enlightenment.  After discovering Anthroposophy in the early 1980’s I have dedicated my life to leaning and practicing it as best as I may which as you know is a lifetime’s commitment, especially when one tries to move it from the head to the heart.  A strong love, from my youth, has always been Bible studies, especially Gospel Work, which when coupled with Dr. Steiner’s spiritual research has brought many layers of understandings into our lives.  Like many of the other candidates the Karma Studies we did as a group has meant a lot to me as well as my dedicated participation in the long running Rose Cross Study Group.  I have also worked with various festivals and events committees locally and served briefly on the board of the Emerson Waldorf School.

 Diana Haynes.

Member and Student of Anthroposophy since 1975. I did foundation year studies in 1975, 1 year of formal Eurythmy training in Spring Valley, NY and 15 years of seminar study at Goldridge Eurythmy School in CA. When I moved here 3 years ago I became a member of this local branch and became active in the Christian Community, holding the office of Secretary of Records and Correspondence. I helped develop the WordPress site for the church and am its current webmaster. I became a member of the First Class of Spiritual Science in 2013.

I worked as Nurse and Healing Arts Educator for 33 years, running my own School, complying with licensing requirements through the Board of Private Post Secondary Education. I have served as Corporate Secretary in 3 private Corporations. I’ve also worked as Marketing Director and Sales Manager and have the skills and experience in reaching targeted audiences with varied types of media. I became physically disabled from an accident in 2003, but I am able to function sufficiently to attend all necessary meetings.

Robin Haynes

I have been involved in Anthroposophy since 1980 and am a member of the Anthroposophical Society in America. Since moving to Durham three years ago I have been closely associated with the Christian Community Church, serving on the Carrying Committee and then aiding with the incorporation this year, I now serve on the Board of the incorporated Church and am also the Treasurer. As a trained paralegal I am familiar with corporate laws governing compliance and operation. I am currently serving as Acting Treasurer of the ASNC and would be willing to continue in the capacity of Treasurer.

I have 41 years experience in business, serving on the boards of 9 private corporations in England, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and USA. I have held officer positions in 7 of these, as President and/or Treasurer.

Ron Evans

My introduction to Anthroposophy came when I thumbed through “Knowledge of the Higher Worlds” at the home of Bob and Debbie Hill in Stokes County, North Carolina in the early 70’s.   Since that time I have been studying Anthroposophy.  I consider the high point of my anthroposophical study this Branch’s work with the Karma Lectures several years ago.
Dr. Clopper Almon sponsored my membership into the society in 1979 and I have been active since that time.   I am one of the founding members of this Branch.  Presently I am a member of the Rose Cross Study Group. In my professional life I was a Maintenance Controller for Piedmont Airlines and a Large Jet Engine Tech Rep for GE Aircraft Engines until Retirement.

Kathleen Wright

I’ve been a student of Steiner’s since 1972., a member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1984, a member of the First Class since 1994. I was a member of the very first Study Group in NC, which was led by Eve Olive,  back in 1975. I lived in Spring Valley for 6 years where I literally spent every single day doing anthroposophical activities- taking courses in Eurythmy, Painting, Sculpture, Handwork, Speech and Drama, Waldorf Education, cooked in the Kindergarten, wrote for the school newsletter, and did  fundraising for the School. During the last of the three years in Spring Valley, I lived and worked at the Fellowship Community where I did editing for Mercury Press, care of the elderly, cooking for 200 people twice a week, doing biodynamic gardening, attending many study groups and lectures. I went for Teacher training at Antioch/ New England and then taught for 5 years at the Emerson Waldorf School and for two years at other schools. I was a Class Teacher, German teacher and Extra Lesson Teacher. I have performed in the Shepherd’s Play 6 times (here and at two other schools). In the last 30 years I have given well over 30 talks for our community and the Waldorf School. I have served  on the Events Committee, the Festivals Committee, the Branch Home Committee, the Board (as Secretary). I wrote a 30 page newsletter for our ASNC for over 6 years. I have also served on the Eastern Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America for 7 years. I have attended innumerable anthroposophical conferences and AGMs over the years.